21.01.21-Thoughtful Thursday- Learning for Tigers and Pandas


 It's thoughtful Thursday again Tigers and Pandas so I hope you have your thinking caps on and your brains are ready and raring to go! Today Mrs Bibi will teach us all about the people who help us by keeping the places we go safe and clean, then see if you can do something thoughtful to helpiat home- Mrs Hanson has made a sheet full of ideas, don't forget to send us a photo. Choose some play based learning from the grid. Then watch Mrs Hanson's Magic number bag and see if you can find some numbers hiding in your house or on your walk. Finally join Mrs Bibi for one of her favourite stories. 

Have a throughly, fabulous, thoughful Thursday. Don't forget to collect your learning packs tomorrow and to send us pictures of your learning- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Daily Timetable

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 Circle Time - Learning with Mrs Bibi

 Focused Learning 

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 Guess that Number with Mrs Hanson

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 Storytime with Mrs Bibi

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