Nursery Chatterbox Celebration with Polly and Parents


This year Morning Nursery children have been very lucky to have Polly visiting us with her wonderful Chatterbox of musical magic! We have had musicians, told musical stories and learned so many new songs. Today we celebrated the end of a wonderful year with a visit from Polly and some of our parents can to join in too! We had a wonderful ...

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A Royal Week in Nursery


Firstly thank you to all the parents who attended our Jubilee Tea Party in Nursery today. It was lovely to see so many of you in Nursery today and we hope you had as much fun as we and the children did.  Our week started by looking at the Queen of England and asking 'Who is this lady?' We had some very interesting answers (- I would just like ...

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This week's learning

This week at nursery we have done some fantastic learning. Outdoor we have a new tree stump the children enjoyed exploring. Some children enjoyed feeling the texture of the tree stump and describing the look and feel of it whilst others  decided to challenge their physical skills and jump off the tree stump. Also this ...

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Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

And so the fun continues, we hope those celebrating Eid have had a lovely Eid with their family and friends. At nursery we started off our short week dancing and partying all day long on Wednesday whilst listening to children tell us how they spent their few days off nursery. We have also introduced a new book called 'mixed' a story of accepta...

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Eid Mubarak

Wow what a fantastic couple of weeks we have had at Nursery!!! We have been learning about Easter and making chocolate rice Krispy cakes, we have been also learning about Eid and how we celebrate this, most of the children are looking forward to their Eid celebrations at home.  At nursery we have been looking at places of worship such as ...

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Budding Builders in Nursery


We have got some budding builders, brick layers,  architects, landscapers, and construction workers  in Hucklow Nursery this week. We have been learning all about construction and building. We explored the story of the Three Little Pigs and thought about why the house of sticks and straw blew down. In case you are wondering it was be...

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Another Amazing Nursery Week...


This week in Nursery we have continued to use our building skills... we have explored different machines and even saw some working in the park. We have been builders, brick layers and architects, and made some fantastic buildings. We have enjoyed reading with our friends, and most excitingly, BEEGU has been visiting some of our children to stay at ...

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What Beegu did next...


Beegu has had an exciting weekend with Mrs Bibi and Miss Johnson. It was too scary for Beegu to stay alone at Nursery so Miss Johnson and Mrs Bibi took Beegu home to their houses. Look at all the things Beegu has been up to! What can you see Beegu doing?  Maybe Beegu will come to stay at your house soon.  

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Celebrating Home Learning


Saad has been working hard at home practicing his numbers. Well done Saad, we are very proud of you!  

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More Fantastic Home Learning


Saad has been working very hard at home with his family. Here is some of his fantastic learning. What a superstar! 

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Fantastic Remote Learning at Nursery


Look at this amazing home learning! Well done Macey and Sobhaan. If you have any home learning to share email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring it in for us on a Friday.  

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Back to School - Strategies for Parents


Going back to school after the recent lock down might be a challenge for children, young people and parents.  Have a look below at the sessions that Sheffield Parent hub are putting for you, to help with this transition. 

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Do you want to build a snowman? WE DO!!!!


Look at these fantastic snowmen from some of our friends! Who can you spot? They have been having lots of fun and learning by exploring the snow at the same time and some big brothers and sisters joining in to help as well.. We love teamwork- it makes the dream work! Well done Sophie, Rayyan, Abdullah and Manha, we loved seeing your snowy day ...

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Look at this fantastic remote learning- Nursery


 Some fantastic work from our home learners in Panda Class. Have you got some learning to share? We love to see the work you are doing at home so send us a picture on the Nursery email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bring it in to us on Friday when you collect your learning packs.  File Name: Home-learning-13-1-21 File Size: 584 kb ...

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Mrs Bridges' Video about Lions


Did you know that Mrs Bridges' favourite animal is the lion? She has put together this video for you all so you can find out more about lions. Look out for more videos from Mrs Bridges about her other favourite animals. 

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Monday Learning for Zebras


 It's Marvellous Monday! Hello Zebra children, are you ready for another amazing week of learning with us? This week we are going to be learning about winter? Join in the Snowy Animals story with Mrs Middlemiss again- can you remember which animal comes next?  Have a go at our winter matching game, draw a picture of your family ...

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Monday Learning for Tigers and Pandas


It's Marvellous Monday! Hello Tiger and Panda children, are you ready for another amazing week of learning with us? This week we are going to recap our learning about winter and Ice and learn some new facts as well. I wonder what you can remember?  Watch circle time with Mrs Bibi, go on a winter hunt, make some snow dough or choose s...

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Fantastic Friday learning for Zebra Room- Nursery


 Happy Friday Zebras. We hope you are all happy and ready for another super day. Today Mrs Middlemiss will read you another fantastic story about winter and Mrs Hanson has been singing some Nursery Rhymes. Don't forget to get wrapped up and go in your garden or for a walk to see if you can spot some signs of winter. File Name: Play-based-...

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Thursday Learning for Tiger and Panda classes

Happy Thursday lovely learners. I hope you are excited for some more Nursery fun. Today we will carry on thinking about our families. First join in circle time with Mrs Hanson, then have a go at our family hands activity. After that choose some activities from the learning grid and then finally join in Nursery Rhyme Time with Mrs Hanson.  File...

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Thursday Learning for Zebra Class- Nursery

Hello Zebra Class! We hope all our lovely learners at home are happy and excited for some more Nursery fun today. Today we have some winter songs with Mrs Smart- after you have joined in maybe your could get wrapped up warm in your winter clothes and have a winter walk with your family. There is also lots of ideas for fun learning at home with your...

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