Y4HA memories

As part of our PSHE learning, we have been talking about our memories. Last week we focused on memories with or of people we don't get to see anymore. The children drew a picture of the person or the memory and told us all about it. Everyone loved sharing their special people and memories to each other, and we had a great discussion about them! We ...

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Eid Mubarak

We have had a lovely (short) week in Y4. Children shared how they celebrated Eid, and loved showing off their Eid clothes yesterday! We celebrated Eid with a class party and the children made Ramadan sun catchers and Eid drawings, while listening to their favourite Eid songs. We also got to have some time on the new field and trim trail! We hope yo...

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Y4 are scientists!

Last week Y4 started our new science topic for the term asking 'What do you know about life on Earth?'. We discussed what we already knew about the Earth, these Hucklow Scientists already know lots of interesting facts! We learnt about food chains, naming each animal in it and what their job is. Why not ask a Y4 what a producer ...

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Red Nose Day charity stall!

We have been having fun on red nose day today! 5 girls in our class really went the extra mile and decided they would create their own stall to sell fruit and other treats for red nose day. The girls managed to raise just under £30 for Red nose day! I am very proud of these girls, and they should be even more proud of themselves, for taking th...

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Year 4 STEM week

This week Y4 have been learning about electricity and states of matter in STEM week! We have been learning about circuits and made our own switches to break the circuit. We also investigated how many bulbs four batteries will light (it was four!), and tried answering our own questions about electricity like 'how many bulbs can a C battery...

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Year 4 Spanish Day!

In year 4 we have been studying Spain this term, and yesterday we had a wonderful day, first learning to dance the Flamenco before trying some Spanish food! We had a brilliant time and now have an even better understanding of Spain! 

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Y4 are in the 'Art Zone'


 Our Y4 pupils have been getting into their art zone this week, and have worked on their drawing skills. Check out their amazing drawings linked to our topic on living things...

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Back to School - Strategies for Parents


Going back to school after the recent lock down might be a challenge for children, young people and parents.  Have a look below at the sessions that Sheffield Parent hub are putting for you, to help with this transition. 

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Y4 Animal Pictures


This afternoon we decided to draw a picture of the animals  we are researching and wrote some facts about them on the page. Take a look at the great work children did!

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Y4 finding habitats


During our afternoon play outside, we were searching for micro habitats. We found worms and small insects in the mud! 

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Y4 Art at Home


This week the Y4 pupils have been working on their sketching techniques. They have chosen an animal to sketch and have worked really hard at creating texture and detail. Check out some of their work... 

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Y4 Spanish learning


This week we have been practising our animals in Spanish from Miss Kachra's video, Children did some actions pretending to be an animal, and we guessed which they were (in Spanish)  Can you guess what animals these children were? 

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Snow much fun in Y4!


Today the Y4 bubble got to go out and play in the snow. We had 'snow' much fun.

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Y4 Artists


 This afternoon the Y4 bubble did some sketching. We learnt different ways to shade then had a go at sketching an elephant!

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Aiming High at Home


The year four pupils have made us so proud this week! Well done to everyone who attended our Zoom meeting on Monday and Thursday- it was great to see your smiles and hear about all the learning you have been doing at home. We are so pleased to see that you are following the daily blog posts, and recording your learning in your books. Thank you...

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Y4 What can happen to our teeth?


Today in the Y4 bubble we took our eggs out of the liquids to see what had happened. We left eggs in liquid for two days (like drinking and eating and not brushing your teeth!) to see what would happen to the shells (enamel). We learnt that we need to take really good care of our teeth to protect them from damage!

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Outdoor Learning


Jack has been on a tree hunt! He spotted this beautiful tree and has conducted some research on it. This links with all the learning we have been doing about living things.  We love how you have presented your facts, Jack! Super remote learning.  

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Y4 Hucklow Scientists


Today in school the Y4 bubble have been starting a science experiment on tooth decay. We put eggs in different liquids to see what will happen to them over the next few days. Lots of super start scientists and we cant wait to see what happens! 

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Animal Research


Hi Team Hucklow! Check out Zakariya's amazing Fact File all about dolphins. As part of our curriculum topic, the Y4s have been learning about living things. Zakariya has done his own research on an animal of his choice. This is fantastic work, Zakariya! Have you read the facts he's shared? If you would like to share your work, you can email it...

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Aiming High at Home


Y4 are so proud of Ayesha this week: she has been aiming high with her learning at home. Ayesha has been watching the daily videos and has completed the activities in her learning pack. She has been enjoying the daily mindfulness activities and even made time for the additional research challenge. Check out her fantastic work...

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