Back to School - Strategies for Parents


Going back to school after the recent lock down might be a challenge for children, young people and parents.  Have a look below at the sessions that Sheffield Parent hub are putting for you, to help with this transition. 

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Amazing Home Learning from H


H has been busily showing off her research skills - successfully researching information about the planets and the sun. She has also made an incredible space rocket from materials from around her home. H has also been busy in the snow, building a fantastic snowman.  Well done H, the Year 5 team is very proud of your learning! 

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Snowman Fun


K and Z had fun in the snow yesterday, building an amazing snowman. Showing great teamwork and care as they worked together to create a truly magnificent snowman. Well done girls!  Year 5 Team

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Mrs Bridges' Video about Lions


Did you know that Mrs Bridges' favourite animal is the lion? She has put together this video for you all so you can find out more about lions. Look out for more videos from Mrs Bridges about her other favourite animals. 

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