Whole School Vision

At Hucklow Primary School we aim for children to become independent and confident readers with a lifelong love of reading.  We ensure that all children access an enriched curriculum which allows them to start reading early as we believe that we learn to read and then we read to learn.

At Hucklow we enjoy whole school book celebrations and we highlight authors and poems through our termly competitions.  We work closely with our local library to help encourage our children’s love for reading and to give children access to a wide range of books/texts.

All children engage in specific high quality reading sessions; these follow a progressive structure beginning in FS2.  Benchmarking and robust assessment strategies take place half termly to ensure texts are matched accurately to the children’s needs and abilities and interests. We invest in high quality reading books, Accelerated Reader to accelerate progress for children and regular reading activities and events which strongly promote our love for reading at Hucklow.

We expect children to read at home every day and this is recorded in their home reading diaries.

Changes to our reading system. Please read the information below:

Our reading Journey

Key Texts

Each Key Stage has 100 key texts that they can choose to read during their reading curriculum.  Click on the links in the table below to find the texts (books) that you and your child could read together, the sheets are set out in by key stage and across 5 sheets and have a picture of the front cover the book and the author.


 Key Stage 1 Years 3 & 4  Year 5 & 6 
 Key texts sheet 1 Key texts sheet 1  Key texts sheet 1
 Key texts sheet 2 Key texts sheet 2  Key texts sheet 2
 Key texts sheet 3 Key texts sheet 3  Key texts sheet 3
 Key texts sheet 4 Key texts sheet 4  Key texts sheet 4
 Key texts sheet 5 Key texts sheet 5  Key texts sheet 5